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Discover the ultimate collection of ballroom dance secrets, techniques, and workouts - all in one place. Introducing the revolutionary "Dance With Oleg" APP, featuring a comprehensive range of lessons and tutorials that cater to every level of dance experience.

With intuitive navigation, you can easily explore and choose from a wide range of dance categories, including the most popular ballroom dances, techniques, and drills. Each category includes insider tips, secrets, programs, syllabus, and much more, giving you an unparalleled advantage in mastering the art of ballroom dancing.

The "Dance With Oleg" APP is a monthly subscription-based service, designed to provide you with ongoing access to the latest and greatest ballroom dance techniques and workouts. Try it out today with our complimentary seven-day trial, and experience the difference that the "Dance With Oleg" APP can make in your dance journey.

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Online platform with my personal dance secrets - all in one place inside You can learn all the most popular ballroom dances. Easy to navigate categories from what dance would you like to learn to what aspect of the dance you would like to learn. The best technique tips, secrets, drills, workouts, programs, syllabus and more. is a monthly subscription-based platform, first seven day try out is free of charge. Difference between vs 📲"Dance With Oleg" APP  is that you can watch on TV through smart phone mirroring function. Content is exactly the same inside the app & inside the platform. Click here

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ViBE is the first remotely controlled Dance Studio & Creative Space in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills. You are lucky to discover ViBE Dance Studio! You would have to use a special code to open the studio inside everything is controlled by voice or iPad. You can practice by yourself here also You can have some private coaching with your students.  Full Dance Studio rental is only $59 and its perfect for DANCE, YOGA, WORKSHOPS, FITNESS etc. what's unique: is there is No Front Desk! Everything is happening online! ViBE is always Open and Available for booking 24/7. Click here

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Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Arcadia by Oleg Astakhov is the world's most famous ballroom dance studio . The teaching philosophy at every Fred Astaire Dance studio is simple and straightforward: learning how to ballroom dance is always fun! We work with students of all ages and abilities, and our friendly and inspirational atmosphere will help make your ballroom dance journey a reality. There are thousands of reasons why people start dance lessons – and once we show you how much fun ballroom dancing can be, we know you’ll want to keep coming back! Click here

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 Lash Bar Los Angeles - is a premier eyelash extension boutique located in Los Angeles. We are home of highest quality eyelash extension in LA. We offer classic and volume lashes in customizable styles. Click here

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We are the leading experts in creating and elevating personal brands. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to crafting bespoke strategies that align with your unique goals and values. With a track record of proven success, we specialize in building authentic and compelling brand identities that resonate with your audience and set you apart from the competition. Trust us to bring your vision to life and propel your personal brand to the forefront of your industry. Click here

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#1 California’s Premier Statewide Appearance Service
Reliable. Punctual. Professional. Click here

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