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About Oleg Astakhov.

Oleg Astakhov is a highly acclaimed and award-winning professional ballroom dancer, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Oleg's dance video tutorials have taken the internet by storm, with some videos garnering over 40 million views each. 

Oleg is renowned for his work and expertise in the ballroom dancing industry, teaching and collaborating with A-list celebrities like Selina Gomez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ariana Grande, and many more. His YouTube channel boasts over 350 million views and 700k subscribers, while his Facebook page "Dance With Oleg" has amassed over 1.2k followers. With more than 700k Instagram followers, Oleg's social media presence has reached a staggering 4.5 million followers, making him the most famous ballroom dancer in the world.

In a groundbreaking move, Oleg has recently launched the world's first Ballroom APP, "Dance With Oleg," now available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. As demand for his expertise and tutelage continues to grow, Oleg's private dance lessons are highly coveted, with prices starting at $500 for a 45-minute session. Bookings often require months of advanced planning to secure a coveted spot on Oleg's busy schedule.

Life time line

April 17, 1982

Oleg Astakhov was born on April 17, 1982 in Ukraine small city Lutsk. His Mother Svetlana Astakhova (hotel administrator) and father Victor Astakhov (military). Oleg has a year older sister Nataliya Abolafty. 

1994 -1998

National Latin American Dance

As a teenager Oleg  Astakhov became a very successful ballroom dancer & competitor. Winning multiple Ukrainian National Titles in junior and youth devision in Latin American program.



High School Degree
School #9, Lutsk, Ukraine

moving to Poland

At age 16 Oleg graduated from High School #9 in Lutsk, Ukraine and moved to Warsaw, Poland to study at the SGGW University. Later in year 2000 Oleg has moved to Lublin, Poland to continue his study in KUL (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin - KUL)


Master Degree

Management & Marketing

 University of Lublin - KUL 

In 2005 Oleg Astakhov has graduated from John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin - KUL with Master Degree in Management & Marketing 


Master Degree


 University of Lublin - KUL 

In 2005 Oleg Astakhov has graduated from John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin - KUL with Master Degree in Psychology. 



Big Brother - Bar 4 finalist

Polsat TV Channel


28 of February 2004 became participant in the most famous Reality TV show in Poland - Bar 4 (polish version of Big Brother). Oleg Astakhov was the only not Polish native participant and became one of the most popular participants in history of the show. Article.


Moving to USA

Winner & Finalist of major

USA Competitions


In 2005 Oleg has moved to United States, Los Angeles. In United States Astakhov competed as Professional ballroom dancer becoming winner and finalist of major United States Dance Competitions. 

In 2007 Oleg Astakhov has opened his first dance school - Ballroom Dancing LA in Alhambra, California. Through out this time Oleg became one of the most demanded Ballroom dance teacher in industry.


In 2010  Oleg Astakhov has opened "Beverly Hills Dance Studio" - in Beverly Hills, California. At this time Oleg start to working with top artists like Selina Gomez, Ariana Grande & more.


You Tube Channel

Oleg Astakhov  

In 2017 Oleg started his YouTube Channel "Oleg Astakhov" which got awarded with YouTube silver Button Award watch here - and has now more then 320k subscribers & total over 145 million views. 


Vibe Dance Studio & Creative Space, in Beverly Hills California



In 2019 Oleg has opened ViBE - the first remotely controlled Dance Studio & Creative Space in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills.

In 2020 Oleg Astakhov Oleg Astakhov open another dance studio - Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Arcadia, California - - as part of world largest franchise Fred Astaire Dance Studios.


In 2021 Oleg has launched world's first monthly subscription based Ballroom & Latin dancing educational platform . 


In 2022 Oleg has launched world's first monthly subscription Ballroom & Latin dancing educational app "Dance With Oleg" - APP

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